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Maint. Request Procedure

Requests for Maintenance and Work Order Procedure


Maintenance Request Procedure

All requests for maintenance on limited and general common elements are required to be in writing.  This will provide a written record of the request and will help to ensure timely, accurate and efficient resolution of any issues and or concerns you may have.  In addition this will also provide a written record of the repairs in case future warranty requests will need to be made to the contractor.


All requests for maintenance should be made in writing using the Maintenance Request Form.  Any photographs that help explain your request should be included with your request.  The Maintenance Request Form can be faxed or mailed to our office.  OR, you may click on the Contact Us page of this web site and complete the Contact Form. Once you click on the submit button, your request will be emailed to our office.


Work is prioritized by the severity of potential property damage, safety and liability to the Association.  For example, sump pump repairs, roof leaks and rod hole leaks are scheduled as soon as possible upon receiving a maintenance request.  Routine maintenance requests for tree trimming, building trim painting, etc. are scheduled according to contractor timing and Association budget constraints.


If you do not hear from a contractor assigned to complete your requested work within five business days of sending in a maintenance request, contact this office to ensure that your request has been received.


Association Responsibility

The Association is responsible to maintain the common elements outlined in the Master Deed of the Association.   Refer to the Association Bylaws and Master Deed for specific limited and general common elements for your community.   The limited common elements are generally the co-owner’s responsibility to maintain.  Examples of limited common elements are air conditioning units, interior walls, furnaces, hot water heaters, etc.  The general common elements are the Association’s responsibility to repair and maintain.  Examples of general common elements are roofs, exterior walls, sewage systems, lawns, roads, etc.



Work Order Procedure

Once your maintenance request is received and approved, TH Management Consultants issues a work order request to a contractor or a management company employee with details of your request.  Details are provided based on your written description and any included photographs of the issue.  Work Orders are for internal use only and copies of the work order are not provided to co-owners.  Without the work order a contractor will not receive payment for work performed.  Therefore, a contractor should not perform any work other than what has been detailed on the work order.  This prevents the Association from being charged for repairs not approved by the Board of Directors and / or TH Management Consultants.  This also prevents the contractor from performing work and charging the Association for repairs and or maintenance requested from co-owners while the contractor is on site.


Emergency Requests

If you have an emergency that requires the Police or Fire Department, you should contact your local municipality or 9-1-1 operator.  If your request pertains to the condominium common elements and is of an emergency nature (i.e., sump pump failure, roof leak, water entering the unit through the basement or broken plumbing, etc.) you should contact our office at 248-720-2432.  If our office is closed, you may report emergencies by calling our emergency line at 248-953-5735.  Please be reminded that non-emergencies should not be reported to the emergency line.  Non-emergencies reported to the office will be delayed until the proper written notification is received.  For non-emergencies reported to the Emergency line, the Association may be charged an additional charge of $60 per phone call for additional property management and the Board of Directors may decide to charge back all or part of this additional cost to your account.


Builder Warranty Issues

If your home is still covered under your Builder’s Warranty, contact your Builder directly.  Again, requests in writing provide a paper trail of the request and are in your best interest.


Insurance Claims

Occasionally an insurance claim is made for certain maintenance requests.  Given the fact that three insurance claims often result in a cancellation or non-renewal of the Association policy, the Board of Directors carefully considers all potential insurance claims before filing a claim.


The Association legal documents require that you obtain insurance on your personal property and improvements to your home.  Read the Association Bylaws and Master Deed for specifics on the amount of insurance coverage you are required to obtain. 


If you have any question regarding the proper procedure for reporting maintenance requests, kindly direct your questions, in writing to:


TH Management Consultants

1607 E. Big Beaver #105
Troy, MI 48083

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